Dr. Ivan Švajger

ivan-svajgerIVAN ŠVAJGER is founder and CEO at Anmend, Croatia – a consultancy company specialized in investment and managing business, providing consultancy on business strategy, M&A, complete finance and legal support. He is also President and CEO of managing company NOVOMED ADRIA who is major private investor in private HC in Croatia.

Previous, he was director of Agency for quality in Healthcare. In his short role in Agency (one year), he initiate and develop new bylaw, regulating quality of HC and accreditation, in which is included and described for the first time term of entire logistic in HC. This bylaw represent major reform of HC in Croatia. Before this role, from the 2012 to 2015, he was a General Manager at General Hospital Zabok , Croatia. During this assignment, he transformed hospital in modern HC institution, make finance and organization consolidation and develop platform for the first hospital for war veterans in Croatia, on which example, three more hospitals was established.

Previously (October 2006 – November 2011), Mr. Svajger was the President of Euromedic International Croatia – a large private pan European healthcare provider. In these five years, he gained extensive expertise in investment business by targeting, acquiring and privatizing healthcare institutions, integrated it in chain and international system, managed it and made profit out of it. He was pioneer in Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Healthcare, dealing with Government and local community. Prior (February 2003 – October 2006), Mr. Švajger was the Marketing Director at Pfizer, and Business Unit Manager at Eli Lilly, Croatia (May 1999 – February 2003).